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One of the most difficult things to do is to ask for help when you have a drug or alcohol problem. Thousands of people in Tennessee live every day with the nightmare of substance abuse. But the sad truth is most never seek proper treatment. Fear, shame and denial are among the most common reasons. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The staff at Drug Rehab Cookeville is dedicated to helping guide people through the addiction recovery process and ultimately overcome chemical dependency. Our facility provides personalized treatment programs to help any patient battling addiction.  Nearly every aspect of treatment at Drug Rehab Cookeville can be customized according to the needs of the individual.

The combination of traditional and alternative treatments has been proven successful.  Drug Rehab Cookeville utilizes a wide variety of treatment options in its addiction recovery programs.  Patients can participate in individual and group counseling sessions.  But they can also partake in alternative activities such as yoga, meditation, art, and music.  Holistic methods are also utilized in many treatment options.  They can address and treat issues with their mind, body, and soul that may have developed due to substance abuse.

The variety of options available to patients at Drug Rehab Cookeville ensures that everyone will be able to find some form of treatment that will work for them.  If you or someone you know abuses drugs or alcohol, encourage them to seek treatment at Drug Rehab Cookeville where they will receive the one-on-one individualized treatment they deserve. Call today at (931) 230-4517 or email mail@drugrehab-cookeville.com for more information.

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